What to do about Fertility ?

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There are 3 significant aspects of diet and lifestyle that affect fertility
Inflammation, Omega-3 & Vitamin D

There is very good evidence that lower Inflammation helps fertility

There is very good evidence that a higher level of Omega-3 helps fertility

There is very good evidence about the effect of Vitamin D on fertility
Vitamin D and Fertility
Vitamin D and Pregnancy

You can test your Omega-3 and Omega-3 with a simple test for Fatty Acids

There are 2 key targets:

Measure                Target    Comments
Omega-3 Index      >8%      Is my Omega-3 high enough ?
Omega-6/3 Ratio   <3:1       Is my Inflammation low enough ?

You have to change your diet to reduce Omega-6, which mostly comes from oils made from Corn, Sunflower and especially Soya beans
There is more about the effect of the Soya beans in the talk at:
YouTube talk on Omega-3

To increase your Omega-3 you need to eat lots of oily fish, like Salmon,
or take high strength natural fish oil like SanOmega-3 Total

Try and avoid Omega-3 "made from concentrate" as that might be a synthetic chemical made in a factory

It might help if your partner takes this as well !

You need to take at least 2 grams of Omega-3 a day to have a significant effect. You would probably need 4-10 typical Omega-3 Capsules, so the SanOmega-3 Total high strength fish oil may easier for you 

Vitamin D has a major effect on fertility
Read more at:
Vitamin D and Fertility
Vitamin D and Pregnancy

Both you and your partner should boost your level of Vitamin D about 3 months before trying to conceive
The best method is for you and your partner to take a holiday in the sunshine, but if that is not possible try high strength Vitamin D supplements and Omega-3

You can measure your Vitamin D with a simple blood test
Target is to get to 100-150nmol/L
Here is a laboratory in north west London that has some useful additional tests

Medical Diagnosis
Phone them for details of their mobile phlebotomist if that will be help

You can buy high strength Vitamin D here: GreenVits 


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