High strength Vitamin D

A high strength Vitamin D supplement can quickly boost your  blood level of Vitamin D, which helps the normal function of your immune system ! Especially valuable in the UK between September and March when you cannot receive ANY Vitamin D from sunlight

Vitamin D 4,000 IU ( 100 µg )

These Vitamin D3-4,000 vegetable capsules are a premium hypo-allergenic product that delivers 4000 IU ( 100 µg ) of Vitamin D3 to your body in a tiny easy-to-swallow soluble capsule

   Bio Innovations Vitamin D-3 4,000 IU ( 100 µg ) | Greenvits UK        Bio Innovations Vitamin D-3 4,000 IU ( 100 µg ) | Greenvits UK



Test your Vitamin D level at home !

The Kiweno Vitamin D Rapid Test is CE Approved ( CE0483 ) for personal use at home. You don't need to visit your doctor to measure your own Vitamin D level 

Kiweno Vitamin D Rapid Test | Greenvits UK

GreenVits Kiweno Vitamin D test

Vitamin D3, 1,000IU (25micrograms) 250 capsules

These are dry, water-soluble capsules containing only natural vitamin D3 and soluble cellulose. The active contents are in a tiny, soft capsule which is very easy to swallow.  It can be cut open, or even dissolved in water or juice, in case you do not like taking capsules or tablets.  This tiny capsule is hypo-allergenic and much more easily digested than some other Vitamin D products which are in a chalky tablet or in peanut oil.

Bio Innovations Vitamin D3, 1,000IU (25micrograms) 250 capsules | Greenvits UK    Bio Innovations Vitamin D3, 1,000IU (25micrograms) 250 capsules | Greenvits UK

GreenVits, Vitamin D, Vitamin D3, 1,000 IU, 25 mcg

Bio-D3Plus ( 2,500 IU )

D3Plus has been reformulated - now only 1 capsule a day

2,500 IU of Vitamin D3, plus essential co-factors.

Includes all the minerals important for vitamin D metabolism - magnesium, zinc, and boron, plus Vitamin K2

Bio-D3Plus is an excellent source of natural vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol)

Vitamin K2 helps to direct calcium deposition to bones instead of soft tissues, a significant factor in both skeletal and cardiovascular health*

Vitamin D functions as a hormone, a chemical messenger that has widespread effects in the human body.  In addition to its role in the development of strong bones, vitamin D is important for optimal cardiovascular, neuro-muscular, and immune health.*

Bio-D3Plus is formulated with important co-factors that work synergistically with vitamin D to maximize potential health benefits.*

Taking large doses of vitamin D can induce severe depletion of Magnesium.
Adequate magnesium supplementation should be considered as an important aspect of vitamin D therapy, so D3Plus includes Magnesium


Bio-D3Plus ( 2,500 IU ) | Greenvits UK


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