What to do about Endometriosis ?

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Inflammation is a major factor in Endometriosis

It is not clear whether Inflammation causes Endometriosis, or whether Inflammation follows after the Endometriosis has started

 Whichever it is, there are 2 recognised ways to reduce Inflammation without drugs

  • Eat the right Fatty Acids, by increasing Omega-3 and REDUCING Omega-6
  • Increase your Vitamin D to the right level, by sunshine, food or supplements  

To make sure that you have enough of these, you need to know how much you already have in your blood.  To help manage this, here is information about how to measure your levels:


OmegaMetrix has a do-it-yourself blood test that measures:

                                    Target             Comments

Omega-3 Index        >8%               Ensures that the amount of Omega-3 is enough

Omega-6/3 Ratio     <3:1                Ensures that the Omega-6 is low enough

There is very good medical evidence that if you can reduce the Omega-6/3 Ratio below 3:1 then all Inflammation is reduced. Based on many thousands of tests, most people measured normally have an Omega-6/3 ratio over 15:1 and have silent Inflammation

Learn more about this at:



Vitamin D

Here is way to arrange your own UK blood test for Vitamin D

There is very strong evidence that high levels of Vitamin D helps reduce Endometriosis:

VitaminDwiki      ( Search for: Endometriosis )

VitaminDuk         ( Search for: How Much Do I Need ? )

In addition to Omega-3 and Vitamin D, it seems to be worthwhile to add a mineral Multi-Vitamin to boost your levels of Magnesium, Zinc and the B-Vitamins.  This helps with many enzyme reactions and Methylation in your body 

If you have any questions, please contact:

020 8175 8888 ( Int:  +44 20 8175 8888 )

Please note:  This is educational information about tests and actions that you can take if you choose to, and is not meant to provide you with medical advice.  You should work with a medical professional to decide what is right for you.

Here is a brochure about the Fatty Acid Analysis 

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