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Why should I take any supplements and which ones ?

A healthy diet and modest amounts of exercise are the basis for a long and healthy life.

Some supplements - like Magnesium and Zinc - are proven to help improve specific functions within the body, which may then help you to live an even longer and healthier life.  Without them you may always be running on empty, like a car without gasoline or a photocopier without toner !

1.  Start with this video, in which medical guru Dr Terry Grossman gives his opinion


2.  Then check out these Top-3 supplements from GreenVits:


Top 3 Supplements | Multi-Vitamin | Vitamin D | Omega 3 | Greenvits


3.  If you want to learn a lot more about why supplements might help you, then read his book:

TRANSCEND, by Ray Kurzweil & Dr Terry Grossman 



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