We offer high strength omega 3 fish oil in form of capsules, natural liquid fish oil and vegan oil.

Our omega 3 capsules are the best on the market, they are easy to swallow and take no time to dissolve, what’s more, the content of GreenVits omega 3 capsules undergoes a purification process which ensures the high potency of the product as well as the deodorisation of the fish oil it contains. Thus if you buy omega 3 at GreenVits you will not only get a high quality product but also you will be able to save some money for other important purchases.

Why should you buy Omega 3 Supplements from us?

As you already know GreenVits is one of the companies that supplies omega 3 fish oil, especially omega 3 high strength natural fish oil and high strength vegan omega-3 oil. Our products are special in that for their preparation our manufacturer  makes efforts to procure the finest quality fish oil on the market, process the content of the fish oil capsules in a way that further improves its quality and rids it of unpleasant smells that raw fish oil may have, and removes heavy metals and other contaminants. Having said that, it is also important to note that this is natural fish oil - it is not made in a chemical factory from concentrates – and it does not have any extra chemicals - every batch is filtered and tested many times to ensure that it is extremely pure. Why should you take omega 3? Supplies of Omega-3 fatty acids are vital to the brain, eyes, and cardiovascular system, kidney-related problems, it also supports mental health including mood and memory. In addition, regular intake of omega 3 can help you fight inflammation, depression and anxiety, complications associated with pregnancy as well as it can effectively reduce symptoms ADHD in children.


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