Omega-3 Sources of Information

Omega-3 has been studied since Dr. Jorn Dyerberg's 1971 landmark study of the Inuit population in Greenland that EPA and DHA are needed to prevent heart attacks and promote healthy hearts.  It has taken until the 21st century to learn that, by building healthier cell membranes, these fatty acids promote robust health throughout all systems in the body. They help the brain by promoting life-long learning and positive mental functioning. By reducing inflammation, these omega-3s are also beneficial in treating all kinds of rheumatic and autoimmune disorders. 

Before he retired Dr. Dyerberg used to publish a regular Omega-3 Literature List.  This was last updated in 2013 but is a valuable source of scientific studies about the medical effects of Omega-3.  It has hyperlinks to the original studies so you can click on almost any part to lead you to the information.  Download it here   

There is also a superb source of information about Omega-3 at ExpertOmega3  On this web site there is also a good link to scientific studies

Learn more about the Omega-3 Index and the Omega-6/3 Ratio here

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